BEE Certificate


Our vision of continuing as a leading petroleum trader company includes the unwavering determination to be the driving force with FuelFill as an accountable, responsible, dynamic supporter of transparency. This includes being a market leader in our portfolio and performance offerings. 


Advantages to shareholders form the basis of our mission, grounded in the petroleum section, which include ensuring market sustainability, coupled with competitive rates of return and ensuring a platform for the delivery of service backed up by price advantages to our clients.  

FuelFill is Constantly Adding Value Beyond Expectations

The market in South Africa was looking for different opportunities to grow and supply the growing energy needs. FuelFill has focused its efforts on providing Petroleum Trading service solutions for our clientele.


Committed to delivering high-quality trading solutions for FuelFill petrochemical clients. Our business philosophy is based on service, on-time delivery, customer and marketing relationships, best in class supply logistics, competitive pricing, backed by a transparent, professional approach.  


FuelFill was established with its main purpose: “Marketing, selling and distribution of petroleum products.”


FuelFill prides itself with our product and service offerings, and together with our preferred technical suppliers, we are able to offer a comprehensive packaged solution. 


Our integrated business permits us to support the end to the end value chain with our relationship with our suppliers and customers.


We endeavour to negotiate the best possible prices available on the grid. The lower fees and narrower spreads, attract increasing customer interest due to our marketing strategy. 


We strive to provide excellent service under all conditions. 


Strict control and management of the value chain, competent and enthusiastic staff, proactive marketing approach and an innovatie approach ensure that we remain committed, sustainable, profitable and focused. 



Petroleum causes a wide array of sustainability impacts, including a large share of global greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions from transportation. It has also been associated with wider environmental and human rights impacts during drilling and refining, and occasional but destructive toxic releases from spills and accidents.



Our Pricing Strategy Philosophy

The pricing solutions team is committed to excellence and integrates these values in our relationships with our clients:

  • Delivering outstanding value to our clients
  • Tailoring our pricing services to our client’s most important needs
  • Paying attention to details that enable our clients to achieve their pricing and business objectives
  • Trading only what we can deliver
  • Respecting all confidences
  • Meeting deadlines